I want to get back together with my ex!

Ok this is for both girls and guys, as it affects us all unfortunately!

Break ups can be the worst thing in the world, and I should know, I’ve been through a couple myself. Regardless of the reason for your own break up, ALL relationships can be saved, it all depends on how you approach the situation. Most people end up pushing their ex further away because of mistakes they don’t even realise they’re making, some however, like you who have decided to do their homework, gain the knowledge and can end up getting back together with their ex in their arms again! Yay!

The internet is flooded with so called easy techniques on how to get back together with your ex, all claiming this will work in a matter of days. The truth is it takes a good deal of work, time and know-how to get an ex back. Will it always work? No, but if you feel the relationship you had is worth saving, then you should definitely give it a try shouldn’t you?!

So now your asking yourself “Ryan, this is all very well, but how do I actually get back together with my ex back?”, well my friend watch this short video below, it will help set you on the right path, and hopefully you will be one of those who saves their relationship and prevents it from breaking up again!

If the video piques your interest click this link to follow through to more information (and another video with tips to help you get started even more!):get back together with ex.

Feel free to email me with any questions. I’m always happy to help you. ryan@successwithwomen.org

First steps to getting your ex back

So you’ve just split up with the love of your life, hopefully you’ve been following the tips provided in my post on surviving the break-up of a relationship. However, if you’re wanting to lay down the foundations to getting her back in your arms again, please read on.

Get ex backThe trick to getting your ex back is accomplished using a complex use of reverse psychology. Your first move should have been to cut contact with her, however, I think it’s safe to say your first move was probably more along the lines of crying a lot and begging for her to take you back! Not to worry, cut off contact now, no more texting, phoning or facebook/myspacing.

Your next step, and brace yourself for this, should be to *gasp* agree with the break up! Whilst this may be very hard, it’s a very effective method of reverse psychology, and creates a vacuum and may have the effect of her pursuing you! Neat stuff eh?! So what exactly is the best way to do this, well read on my friend.

In an age of SMS, IMs and email, what’s going to stand out, and make her feel special again…sending her a HANDWRITTEN letter. That’s right buddy, brush the dust from your best writing implement (that’s a pen by the way :p), grab a sheet of nice paper and tell her you agree with the break-up!

BE CAREFUL what you write though, how you say it can either go incredibly well, or very badly…

To find out exactly how you should construct this letter, and create this powerful emotional vacuum in order to hopefully get your ex back, check out this free to watch video!

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Simple steps to seduce a girl

Having trouble taking your date to the next level? Follow the steps below and enjoy the results!

So you’ve done the hard part. You’ve been on a few dates she seems interested in you, but you just don’t know how to take it to the next level. These steps are ones which I personally use and have NEVER failed me out of the countless times I’ve used them!
The Kiss Test

Step 1 – The setting: Ok so I assume you’ve done the date to the bar/fairground/dinner etc. with her already, which means you can now invite her over to yours to watch a movie and have a glass of wine. I would not recommend doing this as a first date, because you’ll come across as being after only one thing, which I hope is not what you’re all about!

If you can subtly pick up what her favourite movie is, or something she would really like to see, then that’s great (not needed but will make you look attentive and awesome!). If not, have several movies pre picked out, make sure it’s you who decides what you watch (woman loves a decisive man).

Step 2 – Setting the mood: Start being playful with her; poke fun at her and be cocky. With the small effects of a glass of wine this will relax u both and also get you closer. Give her a little tickle, again this gets you closer, and gets the good endorphins going in her!

Step 3 – The seduction: You objective now should be to give her a massage; I won’t get into the biological reasons why, but just know that this gets her ‘in the mood’. As you should have been poking fun and being cocky with her, perhaps when she’s pouting, say something along the lines of “awww, is little [insert girls name here] all upset?” in a sarcastic tone of voice, then offer to give her a back rub to make it up to her.

With her sitting in front of you, watching the movie, begin to massage her shoulders initially, around the area between the base of her neck and where the actual should blades begin. After a while start to spread your massage out, but always returning to the initial part of the shoulders e.g. rub your hands slowly down her arms then back up again. Alternatively, if your hands are getting tired, you could rub your hands down her arms and finish by wrapping them around her and cuddle her; watch a bit of the movie then return to massaging her back again.
Continue doing this for 15-20 minutes, before starting to rub your fingers gently over her neck, just under her ears. If everything is going well, she should respond with a “mmm” or similar ‘that feels really good’ noise.

Step 4 – Sealing the deal: With your hands rubbing her neck move one of your hands around and cup her face turning it towards your own and begin to kiss her. I will always make sure I cup a woman’s face with my hand/hands when kissing her as it adds that something special to a kiss.
So there it is, you have just seduced your girl, the rest is up to you. Slowly lay her down, whilst kissing her neck or play it a little more dominant; I will leave that up to you!

If you wish to greatly increase your success with women, and further develop your skills learnt here, I highly recommend David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating e-book. It contains a wealth of information, tips and methods on dating and seduction, all in easy to follow format.

Are you ‘just a friend’?

Just a friendOne of the worst things a man can hear from a woman he likes is ‘Let’s just be friends’ or ’I don’t like you “that” way’. Most guys have experienced this at one point of another, but some experience it every time they get close to a woman. So, in order to understand why this keeps happening, and to help you avoid the “friend zone”, and increase your success with women, here are a few questions you need to ask yourself:

-Are you being too nice or sweet? Whilst you may think that women would love a guy to do whatever they want, they do not however find this behaviour attractive. Fact. When you watch a James Bond film, does he pander and be nice and sweet to get his woman? No!

-Do you bring up matters of dating and relationship in conversation? With her girlfriends, a woman discusses matters of relationships and dating with them, by you bringing these topics of conversation up with her all the time, she will subconsciously put you on the same level as one of her friends. Thus, you fall into the lonely and frustrating ‘friend zone’.

-Are you being too pushy or eager to get into a relationship? Being the first to ask where you stand or declaring your love for her early on; this behaviour is a big turn off for women, it conveys insecurity.

-Are you playing it too cautious? When you first met the lady in question, did you convey your romantic interest in her? Did you flirt? There’s a small window of opportunity when you first meet a woman to do this, NOT through words, through body language.

If you won’t to learn how to avoid becoming ‘just a friend’, I really do super, super recommend David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating. Also check out my previous post on how to attract women to get you started!

David DeAngelo’s Double Your Dating

So, after a few weeks off I’m back to writing advice on my blog again for you guys!

I’ve been hearing a lot about David DeAngelo recently so I thought I’d give my thoughts on his Double Your Dating E-book, as surprisingly, I haven’t actually written anything about his stuff at all. At a glance DeAngelo is not much to look at, however his wealth of knowledge on increasing your success with women is incredible!
Double Your Dating

Not many know that DeAngelo’s real name is Eben Page, he has been a member of the seduction community for a number of years. He was once a student of the seduction specialist Ross Jeffries, but went on to develop his own ideas and methods on the subject later on. Like the advice I give you here on this blog, DeAngelo’s methods are based on using complex psychology and appealing to the inherent programming within females.

David DeAngelo holds seminars, and has published numerous DVDs on seduction and increasing your success with women, and is widely regarded as one of the leading experts in his field. He also writes a lot of dating advice Q&A’s for one of my favourite sites Askmen.com. His trick to telling whether or not a woman wants to kiss you is invaluable in avoiding rejection!

I highly recommend anything that this guy produces! To start with sign up to the free Dating Tips newsletter he gives (there’s also a short video by the man himself!). Afterwards, seriously consider buying his E-book Double Your Dating, I can’t recommend this enough, it’s brilliant!

Go check him out!

Is your relationship failing?

When a relationship begins, it can be positively thrilling! We get so tangled and engrossed with each other that we think it will never end…sometimes however it does…

So how do you know if your relationship is going down hill? In this post I set out some of the tell tale signs that a relationship is failing.

No. 1: Are you spending less time together?

When you first started the relationship, you couldn’t see enough of each other. Now it seems they would rather spend their time elsewhere, with other people or at other places.

No.2: Is your partner spending more time at work?

Linked in to No. 1, your partner would rather stay at work than spend time with you. This is a tell tale sign of a failing relationship.

No. 3: Are you going to bed alone?

You or your partner are staying up late, playing games or watching porn. This means you/they are substituting your relationship for other activities. Similarly if you are sleeping in separate beds, this is a sign that there is a serious problem in the relationship.

No. 4: Does your partner suddenly know loads of new people you’ve never met and communicating with them on a regular basis?

Be it over facebook/myspace or random calls from “just someone from work” or “someone I just know”, this is a sign of a failing relationship. The attention your partner once had for you is all but gone, and they are focussing it on others.

No. 5: Have your partner and yourself stopped seeing eye to eye?

When you first started dating it seemed like you agreed on everything, now however everything seems to cause a minor argument or you find yourself bottling up your feeling to avoid all out war!

No. 6: Has the communication between your partner and yourself broken down?

Linked in to No. 6: you no longer feel you can speak your mind or be open with your partner, nor they with you. One of you never gives ground, meaning you never compromise.

No. 7: When was the last time you had sex?

With the exception of illness/children etc. if the loving has stopped altogether, your partner no longer finds you attractive, or the sex has become routine and monotonous and they are no longer interested. If not sorted this can lead to a break-down of the relationship.

If you can identify that there is something wrong before all is lost, you can save your relationship. I highly recommend the e-book this ebook on rebuilding relationships; it is a great guide for pulling back failing relationships, in clear step by step instructions no matter what your situation.

Good luck!

Pull any girl!

As I touched upon in another blog, from what I have learned, the attraction killer to any woman is the “wussbag” syndrome that guys develop. If you can master the art of keeping this little feller kept quiet then your chances with women/girls will increase dramatically!

So what exactly is the “wussbag” or “wussy”?  Well to keep it short, it is a guy that behaves like a wimp, coming across as needy, weak or submissive. As famous pick up artist David DeAngelo once put it “The opposite of a Wussy is Maximus during his first arena fight scene in the movie Gladiator”. So, well you can get the picture.

Ok, so how exactly does this destroy your success with women, you may be asking? Surely a woman wants a man that will pander to her every need? Wrong! The reason for this, to put it in a nut shell, is because we are all animals (sorry all you creationists!) and as such we are attracted to qualities that are natural and genetic. Just like the rest of the female animal kingdom, women see weakness, whether subconsciously or not, as unattractive, ergo women are never attracted to wussbags.

So what’s the solution, again just like in the animal kingdom the alpha male gets mates with the best females because he is dominant, he is not a push over! Do not kiss up to a woman, be consciously  manipulated by her, buy her things when she wants, pursue her etc. Be a MAN! Now obviously we are a little more evolved than the rest of the animal world, and thus, cannot go around beating the heads in of other rival males. So instead rad on, learn this new found knowledge, and trigger these emotions within her that are going to make her feel attraction towards you.

If you want to be a success with women, throw all the traditional courting crap, that mummy told you, out of the window! If you want to attract women, tease her and play hard to get: let her pursue you. This, regardless of being subconscious or not, is what she wants, and will trigger the emotions within her that will start a real gut-level attraction for you. The awesome thing about this is you don’t not have to be rich or famous, tall or handsome to have this success with women! Try a few of these tips below when you pick up women that I use and I guarantee you will have positive results!

Poke fun at her: obviously not in a malicious way i.e. calling her ugly all the time. E.g. Invent a silly nickname for her.

Be cocky: this behaviour conveys the message that you are high value, and that she should pursue you. Remember, there is a difference between cocky and arrogant.

ALWAYS hold eye contact till she looks away. Again you are the dominant male, so you should act like one!

During the first few dates, refer to her as a friend. E.g. “I can see we’re going to be great friends”, this instills a little insecurity within herself “Why just friends? Doesn’t he find me attractive?” Thus she will respond by pursuing you for your affections.

Pull your shoulders back, walk taller, at the bar lean back rather than forward: this all conveys dominant alpha vibes and will increase the attention you get, it will also increase your confidence with women, as you’ll feel prouder and of higher value.

If you are really serious about increasing your success with women, I really do recommend you look into this guide by Tiffany Taylor, it’s absolutely superb, it covers everything and gives you all the tips, techniques and advice needed to dramtically increase your success with women. Want to pull that hot bar maid? She can tell you exactly how! So go check out her website Guy gets Girl.

Good luck!

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Getting my girlfriend back. Part 2

If you have been following my previous posts on “getting my girlfriend back”, you will have been laying down the foundations for getting your own girlfriend back. Go check out my blog on increasing your confidence next, and also check out how to attract women.

My last post on this topic basically told you to ignore your ex for about a month. If you were doing things right, she’s probably contacted you first; asking how you’ve been etc, and you’ve replied saying you’re great and have been having fun with friends, or something along those lines in a cheerful, cool and collect manner. Do not bring up your relationship at all! By not having initiated contact with your ex for so long, it forces her to realise your value. Human beings only ever truly value something till it’s gone.

If however, she hasn’t contacted you, it’s safe to now do so, however, talk to her as though she is a friend and that breaking up was for the best. Psychologically this creates a fear of loss within her, a loss that she will instinctively try to close, it also gives you a chance to present a new improved and confident you (hopefully just like you were when you first met)!

So what’s next? You’re in contact with your ex, telling her the break up is for the best, if you’ve followed my initial post, you’ve been dating other women, having fun with mates, changing your look etc. What you are doing here is displaying to her that you are moving on. To your ex this will create jealousy in her, and heighten that sense of loss, and increase her perceived value of you: you can find another girl so easily because you are in demand i.e. you’re high value, ergo she thinks ‘I should pursue this alpha male!’

Effectively what you have done is reversed the polarity of your relationship with her: before it was her pushing you away, now it’s you pushing her away, and naturally she’ll try to pull you back.

So what else can you do to increase this effect? Here’s a few tips:

-  Post lots of pictures on Facebook, Myspace etc of you at parties, clubs, with other girls.

-  On Facebook, Myspace, MSN etc. status updates, write, for example, “Going for drinks with Karen”. Advertise that you’re dating other women, but don’t be blatant about it, keep it subtle.

-  Flirt with these girls over Facebook/Myspace, your ex will be able to see these messages, again keep it subtle.

-  Lay subtle hints to her friends that you’re dating other women.

-  If you don’t have anyone to flirt with, make it up: ‘All’s fair in love and war’! Create a fake Facebook account, and send yourself flirty messages, again keep it subtle though!

If you played your cards right, she’ll be asking you to meet up, if you’re really lucky she may even ask to get back with you! If not ask if she wants to hang out, and take things from there!

Oh and for those that want to know, me and my ex have just started dating again (I’m having dinner with her next week!). Proof that this does work, I just wish I’d learnt it all a lot sooner!

The tips and advice I give I learnt from T-Dubs ‘Magic of Making Up e-book, I definitely recommend it to those serious about getting there ex’s back, you can learn so much more than I can show on here, so go check it out, and you’ll have your ex back in your arms in no time!

Good luck!

Part 1 of how I got my grilfriend back.

Boost your confidence with women

In another post I wrote about the characteristics that women naturally find irresistible in men, one of which is confidence. In this post I will discuss the best methods and techniques you can use to help boost your confidence with women, and thus improve your success with women, which is what we’re all about here!

No.1 – Improve your self-image: Such an easy and yet incredibly effective way of boosting your confidence. Change your fashion style and grooming; you only have to search Google images for David Beckham to see styles that will attract women. Alternatively, take a trip down to Topman and ask for advice there.

No.2 – Exercise: When we exercise, we release endorphins that make us feel more confident about ourselves. Try working an exercise routine into your life, not only will it increase your confidence with women, but you will look more attractive too; so there’s no reason not too!

No.3 – Always think positively about yourself: Download yourself a copy of ‘You’re the Best Around’ by Joe Esposito (from Karate Kid for all you film geeks!), memorise it and constantly sing it in your head! Even pretending you’re confident and positive all the time will eventually result in it becoming genuine!

No. 4 – Meditation and Hypnosis: There are some great meditation exercises you can use to help boost your confidence and relax you. Eventually you will be able to use these methods to put yourself into a relaxed positive state when you are approaching women. My personal favourite is Hypnodate, I have had ALOT of success with this program. You may also want to try Jones & Yates’ program, which isn’t as effective, but is a bit cheaper.

No.5 – Dive right in: A great way to increase confidence with women is to jump right in there and talk to them; go to parties with friends and just strike up some conversation with a lone woman. The more you do, the better you will become!

Hope this helps! Look out for my next blog soon.

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How to attract women

From all the resources I have read, I have learnt that there are several base characteristics, or traits, in men that attract women; the opposites of which I talked to you about in another post (the ‘wussbag’ characteristics).

When displaying these certain traits, women will instinctively become attracted to you, and I’m not talking about some mild attraction here, I’m talking about real, raw, lasting sexual attraction to you. Combined with the knowledge of all the characteristics that turn women off (found in this blog post here), this will increase your success with women in ways you cannot imagine!

So let’s get to it! What are these traits that women find so irresistible? Read on my curious friend:

No. 1 – Ambition: Women find this unbelievably attractive and sexy! Making your goals and passions known and genuinely striving for them will turn her on big time; for example striving to create your own business and be financially free, or training for a sporting event for charity. Both these display ambition and purpose, and will flick the attraction switch on in women immediately. If you are in a relationship already, DO NOT make your purpose your girlfriend: women do not want a man that lives solely to please them.

No.2 – Leadership: As a man, women will always look to you to be decisive and to have a plan. The next time you are setting up a date, or your girlfriend asks “So, what do you want to do tonight?” in effect she’s asking you to lead her. Have a clear plan, and lead her, and she will follow, beady eyed with attraction!

No.3 – Self-assurance: Believe in the value of yourself, don’t become a doormat for her to walk all over, because once she’s walked all over you, she’ll walk away! A word of caution, you don’t need to be a dick to be self assured. If you share different beliefs and values than your girlfriend, hold onto those values and express them, but do it in a way that won’t cause arguments. If you sense things might get a bit heated, turn the conversation into a jokey tone. For example, if she says she doesn’t like a song you just put on, turn it up louder and start singing along sarcastically at her!

No.4 – Modesty: Be self assured, but when someone does compliment you, do not start bragging; thank them for the compliment and leave it at that.

No. 5 – Confidence: Do not confuse confidence with arrogance. Women will see through arrogance straight away and it will turn them off. Confidence is something that you must genuinely possess, it cannot be faked. There are several ways you can go about increasing your confidence with women, however I have found the best method out there is the hypnodate system; it uses self hypnosis to build your confidence up, and it’s very effective.

That’s all for now. If you wish to learn more, I highly suggest you take a look at Tdub’s ‘Magic of Making Up’. Although it is primarily focussed on getting ex’s back, the information you can learn from it about increasing your success with women is amazing! Definitely recommend this one whether your dating or in a relationship already!

Look out for my next blog very soon.

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